10 Things I Should Say More Often to My Husband

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10 Things I Should Say to My Husband

My husband is quite a guy. Sometimes I swear we are from different planets, but when it comes down to it, I just couldn’t live without him. But how often do I let him know how I really feel? I like to have the last word. I like to get my way. But how often do I suck up my pride and hold back that sassy remark to follow good old Thumper’s words of wisdom? The truth is, not often enough.  So this one is for my husband. For all the things I should be saying…when I’m not.

Here are 10 Things I Should Say More Often to My Husband:

10. Here Hon, I’ll DVR The Bachelor. You take the remote. I’m really looking forward to some Monday Night Football.

9. That outfit you’re wearing looks great.  Clearly, there is no reason for you to change.

8. Yes, you are definitely more tired than I am.

7. Of course, I’m in the mood.  I’m always in the mood.

6. Can you turn up the volume on Call of Duty? The incessant rapid gunfire really helps me relax.

5. We don’t need the GPS for this one. You always know exactly how to get where we are going and at the perfect speed.

4. Leave the toilet seat up in the middle of the night.  I insist.  A surprise butt dunk in the morning is refreshing.

3. You’re right.

2. You’re a better dad than I could have ever imagined (and our daughter likes you best).

1. I love you just the way you are.



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