BYOB Painting Class at Art Plus Studio in South Norwalk, CT

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Babysitter secured! Emergency contacts on the frige! Wave bye-bye to Mommy and Daddy! We’re off to channel our inner artists at Art Plus Studio in South Norwalk, CT.

Wine Painting Parties Norwalk

When my best friend and fellow CT Mommy Blogger asked if John and I would be interested in a night out to celebrate her birthday, we were thrilled. Of course in true Yazmin fashion, we wouldn’t just be going to dinner, we’d also be doing something exciting…Why not sip some wine and pretend to be Picasso at a BYOB Painting Class?

painting party nj

After surviving our toddler’s molar mayhem, John and I were both in desperate need of a night out. A night of wine, snacks, painting, and laughing at ourselves sounded perfect. It was the best of both worlds, a date night with my hubby and quality time with close friends. Now I have to admit I don’t stray much from stick figures, but who cares, I was there for the experience.  And it was a great one.

A Living Social bargain got us entrance into the class, and then we were provided with an easel, canvas, smock, water, paint, and paintbrushes. We brought our artistic talent and a stash of wine and snacks. I would suggest arriving early because seats fill up fast and are given out on a first come first served basis.  Although they try, you’re not guaranteed seats with your group.

family painting CT

Our night’s theme was Bamboo, but each painting session has a different theme. Our instructor, Ali, guided us with step-by-step instructions as she painted her own canvas and we followed along. There was no pressure to have any sort of painting skills and the studio had a relaxing, music-filled atmosphere. We were free to move around the room, chat, and “critique” our friends’ artwork. I believe Chris referred to mine as “mediocre.” HA! What does a techie know about art anyway!

beginner painting classes

I found myself in deep concentration and loving it! When was the last time I really concentrated on something without being interrupted? I really enjoyed the calming effect painting (and the wine) had on me.

CT BYOB painting party

The class inspired me to get in touch with my creative side more often whether it be with painting, writing, crafting, photography, or something else new.  I so easily become preoccupied by all the craziness life can bring, and as a mom, I put myself second to all of it. This may sound corny, but the class reminded me to stop and appreciate myself and my own talents (painting not necessarily being one of them).

girl night out CT

If you’re looking for a new experience a BYOB painting class is a great idea. I would definitely try another session again soon. There are all kinds of painting sessions available some like the one I did, but also paint your pet, paint your partner (this I’ve got to try), and even “naughty painting” which would be great for a bachelorette party or girls night out. Apparently, there are even kids painting classes.

girls night out CT

What a wonderful night out with my hubby and great friends! Now that summer is here we definitely have to plan another night out soon. BYOB painting class was a relaxing, social activity that helped me channel my inner artist.

Now where should I hang this masterpiece?

Art Plus Studio CT

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