Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014

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I know I still consider myself Daddy’s Little Girl, and now that I have a little girl of my own, I see how important my husband is in her life.  My husband is a great dad, and I’m thankful for him every day, so on Father’s Day this year I’d like to treat him to something extra special.

Here are 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas I’m considering this year:

1. Party Boat Fishing 

Everyone loves the Jersey Shore in the summer. Why not have hubby spend a day out on the water catching dinner with his buddies? New Jersey Party Boat Fishing is a popular way you can treat your guy to a great day outdoors.  My husband has gone fishing for striped bass, fluke, and blue fish several times, and has loved it. It’s a great day get-away that combines relaxation, the outdoors, and a bit of adventure.

2. Brew Your Own Beer Kit

Summer is a great time for a cold, refreshing, frosted mug of beer. This year instead of having my hubby head to the local brew pub for a cold one, I might have him test out his own brewing skills with a basic Brew Your Own Beer Kit.  These kits are great for beginners and provide the instructions, ingredients, and equipment for your guy to make his own famous brew.  If it comes out good, he can even earn some brew master bragging rights among his friends and family.

3. Lessons

Lessons are a good way for your guy to take a break from the hamster wheel of life, and learn something new. My husband is a musical guy. He dabbles with playing the guitar, drums, and turns out, he’s even pretty good at my daughter’s toy piano. Last Father’s Day, when I bought him a series of drum lessons he was thrilled and I’m considering investing in another series of lessons to get him back in the studio. I’ve also been scoping out some athletic lessons as another option. For example, I just saw a local NJ Living Social deal for a 30 minute golf lesson with a pro-golfer.  And for dad’s who like to walk on the wild side (John will not be doing this), there’s also current NJ Groupons for how to fly a helicopter lessons and introductory flight lessons!

4. Car Detailing
Once a stud mobile, now a dad mobile, my hubby’s car is now constantly being abused. Whether it’s puffs scattered across the floor, a bottle of stale milk lingering in trunk, or scratches and filth from the stroller being lifted in and out, John’s car could use some help. A car detailing package might be just what he needs. A good full service wash, wax, vaccuum, and cleaning goes a long way. And the fact that he doesn’t have to do it himself, makes it even better.

5. Man Grooming
John and I got a couples massage once and he might not admit it, but he really liked it. So I’m toying with idea of sending him to a local men’s salon, such as the Cory Mathews Salon in Cranford, NJ.  Now, I’m not necessarily talking manicure/pedicure here, because I think he’d run away screaming, but a nice hair cut, hot face towels, and an old-fashioned straight razor shave, might be just the sprucing up he needs.

6. Food
Every woman knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. At least, I know that’s true for my husband. This year I’m thinking of sending him a Father’s Day Feast. I’ve recently seen two great offers one from Omaha Steaks and another from a local sea food restaurant both advertising to send a full blown feast to our doorstep. I’m sure your guy will agree, you can never go wrong with a ready to cook basket of filet mignons, burgers, lobsters, pork chops, and sirloins!

7. Personalized Items from the Kids
My husband likes to act all manly, but he’s a mush when it comes to our daughter. Anything with her picture or another personal touch is always a hit. Last year, I pressed her hands and feet in finger paint and framed them for him, and now he keeps it on his desk at work. Some other personalized ideas I’m considering this year are a daddy/daughter photo book, phone case, digital picture frame, or tablet case. Shutterfly has some great personalized options for Father’s Day that are worth checking out.

8. Murse
Just kidding. Not a murse. But maybe a “manly” diaper bag. I thought of this idea when my husband took my daughter to her music class last week carrying my neon floral Vera Bradley baby bag. What a sport. He really should have his own baby bag to tote around. There are a lot of baby bags geared toward dads. They have backpacks, messenger bags, sports totes, and apparently even diaper vests and cargo jackets.

9. Tickets
Whether it’s Broadway tickets to see Rocky, tickets to a Yankee’s game, or tickets to a summer concert such as Journey and Steve Miller Band or Aerosmith and Slash, any kind of tickets are usually a hit with my guy. Plus, buying tickets to an event usually involves the opportunity for a whole day out, good food, and great entertainment.

10. Getaway with Wifey
I have to admit, since my daughter arrived she’s moved to number one priority in both my eyes and my husband’s. Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate our relationship and why we decided to have a child in the first place.  A day trip or a romantic night away might be just what my hubby needs to remind him that he’s appreciated and loved. I’m considering a great dinner at one of the Pier Village restaurants and a stay at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch.

I’d really like to surprise my husband with a thoughtful Father’s Day gift this year. These are a few ideas I’ve come up with so far. What great gift ideas would you add to this list?

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