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With the weather reaching above 70 degrees in November, there was no way we were staying inside! It was a great day to take a drive and go somewhere new. We headed out for an “adventure” as G refers to most of our car outings. Our destination? The spacious and unique KidStreet Playground in Bridgewater, NJ.

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This playground did not disappoint! It’s set on a large, well-shaded piece of land behind the Bridgewater Municipal Complex, and what makes it unique is that almost all of the structures are made of wood. There is a vast amount of imaginative wooden climbing structures, swings, ziplines, a sandbox, a large fenced in toddler playground, picnic grove, and more. Kids can easily spend a few hours here burning off energy and enjoying the day.

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The park is divided into two main sections: the big kid area and the toddler area. The big kid area has many large wooden structures with tires, slides, zip lines, and a large boat and truck structure to climb on. This area is truly best for bigger kids. G had fun on some of the structures that were low to the ground, but the larger ones were pretty advanced. Plus, it is difficult to see young children once they climb up because of the small spacing between the wood slats. Even my daredevil was a bit fearful and turned around at a few points before reaching the main slide.

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Toddler Area: I liked that the toddler area was completely fenced in except for the entrance. It put me at ease to know that G could run from section to section and I didn’t have to worry about her wandering off. The toddler area was very big and had several structures that were appropriate for varying abilities.

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After playing for awhile, we walked to the adjacent picnic area to have lunch. There is no food or drinks allowed in the park, but picnic benches line the perimeter of the playground and have many large trees for shade. Bathrooms are also right outside the main entrance of the park which made it easy to wash up before eating.

We will definitely be back to visit this park. Truth be told, any park with an old school tire swing gets an A rating in my book!




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