Gift Ideas for a New Mom

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When I became a mom, I remember feeling so thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. And, lucky me, in addition to that unconditional love and support, I also received some really incredible gifts!

Here are five of my favorite gifts I received as a new mom:

Fashion or Nursing Scarf
I loved the colorful pink and orange floral fashion scarf my good friend gave me in my first weeks of motherhood. The colorful scarf quickly became one of my go-to accessories. I found that it gave my pale, sleep-deprived face a splash of color, and also acted as camouflage covering my post baby problem areas. For a breastfeeding mom, a nursing scarf provides the same style bonuses as a fashion scarf, but also can offer a new mom a discreet way to nurse without the added hassle of toting around a bulky, hard to use nursing cover.

Wristlet Wallet with Cell Phone Holder
I usually carried a small purse, so as a new mom I felt weighed down by the bulk of a filled-to-the-brim baby bag. When my sister gave me a lovely rose gold, zip up, wristlet wallet and cell phone holder, I was overjoyed, if not just for the fact that is was tiny! I knew it was way too soon to ditch my baby bag, but it really came in handy to use along with it. My baby bag was jam-packed with newborn necessities, and the wristlet gave me the option of keeping my own necessities right at my fingertips.

Personalized Jewelry
I love jewelry in general, but as a new mom the personalized “mom jewelry” I received was an extra special gift. The birth of my daughter was hands down the most breath-taking day of my life, so having a memento to remind me of that day was so sentimental to me. I still treasure both my bangle charm bracelets with my daughter’s initial and birthstone and my lovely butterfly necklace with her name and birthstone. Added bonus, I found they are great conversation starters when meeting new mom friends.

Newborn Photography Session
My first weeks of being a mom were a blur. From feedings, changings, lack of sleep, and just the countless hours I spent staring at my perfect little girl, the days flew by. I was so thankful that my best friend had arranged a newborn photography session with a local photographer for me to capture those precious, fleeting moments. I love to take pictures, but when I was given the gift of a newborn photography session, it was really special. I didn’t have the pressure to take the perfect photo, and we were able to capture our new family of three.

Time to Be Pampered
The first few weeks I was home from the hospital, I remember feeling like I had been through a war. I was sore, tired, my hair was standing up, my nails were chewed, and I desperately needed to de-stress. I remember a family member calling me up and telling me I had a spa appointment paid for, I just needed to set a time! It was such a great gift. I didn’t want to leave my daughter for long, but an hour of pampering at a nearby location helped me feel a little more like me again.

Any gift that’s given with thoughtfulness and love is a great one. These lovely gifts, along with visits, phone calls, homemade food, friendly advice, and more really helped make the first months of motherhood memorable for me. What are some favorite new mom gifts you have given or received?

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