Kidnetic Indoor Playground & Birthday Party Center in Montville, NJ

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Kidnetic    2 Changebridge Road (East Building-Unit E), Montville, NJ     973.331.9001

Last week, we went on a new adventure and visited Kidnetic in Montville. Kidnetic has been on my “to visit” list for awhile and I’m so glad we finally got there. We stayed and played several hours and my daughter did not want to leave. Kidnetic is clean, safe, and a perfect place for young children to play freely and burn off energy.

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Shoe Cubbies at the Entrance

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Child safety doors with outside latches divide the entrance and the main play space.



Kidnetic shares a large parking lot with several other units labeled by letter. Kidnetic is the East Building, Unit E. When you first pull in off of Changebridge Road, you will see a building called Kids Connect. For a minute, I second guessed myself on the name of the place and thought this was the building. It is not; it’s a preschool. Wrap around to the left and continue down the parking lot (signs with unit letters point the way) until you find Kidnetic in the back left corner. Parking is free and there are plenty of available spots.

Open Play Admission & Hours:

M, T, W: 9:30am-5:30pm          Th: 12pm-5:30pm          F: 9:30am-7pm

*Weekend days are typically closed for parties, but check the website for weekend open play hours.

$12.95 per child for all day play          Adults are free.

No reservations required.

Kidnetic is most age appropriate for children 6 months to 7 years old.

Wear/bring your socks.  Kidnetic is a shoe-free facility.

Mom’s Group Special: every first Tuesday of the month children are $10.95

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Play Structures:

After paying and taking off your shoes, you enter the play area through a safety gate.

Kidnetic has three main play areas: a large soft play area lined with gym mats and large soft foam play shapes, a large 3-level play structure with slides, tunnels, and obstacles (lowest level is a toddler structure with a ball pit, slide, and other features for children 3 and under), and a zipline area with rock climbing wall.

There are benches and tables around the perimeter so parents can sit while clearly seeing their children playing, but the 3-level play structure is parent friendly, too. There were many parents, including me, playing and guiding their kids through the structure. Even fearless G found the higher levels of the play space a little overwhelming and wanted a helping hand.

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The Kitchenette Cafe is open during most open play hours. Food is very reasonably priced. Some of the meal selections available are pizza, grilled cheese, caesar salad, turkey and swiss panini, chicken tenders…

Outside food is not permitted except for water bottles and baby food.


There is one boys and one girls multiple stall restrooms. The restrooms are equipped with a changing table. Restrooms were clean!

Birthday Parties:

There is a large party room and 3 party packages available, starting a $399.

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Kidnetic is a great place where kids can spend the day being physically active in a safe, clean, stimulating environment. I can honestly say I had fun there, too, right alongside my kids. It was great exercise climbing inside the play structures and going through the obstacle courses alongside my daughter. G is still talking about Kidnetic and how she wants to go back with her friends.

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