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Coxsackie Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease: Signs, Symptoms, Survival

posted by nicole
Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease

The week my daughter battled Coxsackie Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease is a week I want to forget and a week I’m glad she’s too young to remember.

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Postpartum Anxiety Dreams

posted by nicole
anxiety dreams

Lately, I’ve had some extremely unsettling postpartum anxiety dreams. What could be causing these vivid nightmares? I have a few ideas…

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Toddler Teething: Signs and Symptoms of the First Molars

posted by nicole
First Year Molars

My toddler’s first molars just broke through her gums, and I feel like celebrating. The last three months were filled with molar mayhem! Here are the 5 major signs and symptoms my toddler experienced as she prepared to get her first molars.

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Period of PURPLE Crying: Understanding Infant Crying

posted by nicole
Infant Crying

When my infant daughter would cry for hours each night, I felt myself unraveling and had no answers. Now I know it was a Period of PURPLE Crying, a perfectly normal part of development.

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