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Stay Little My Love

posted by nicole
stay little

When I think of your future, there is so much I want for you in life, and I promise to give you the world when it’s time. There’s just one thing I ask for in return. It’s a selfish request, I admit it, but here it is…

Stay Little.

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Toddler Teething: Signs and Symptoms of the First Molars

posted by nicole
First Year Molars

My toddler’s first molars just broke through her gums, and I feel like celebrating. The last three months were filled with molar mayhem! Here are the 5 major signs and symptoms my toddler experienced as she prepared to get her first molars.

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Toddler Schedule at 12 Months

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12 Month Old Toddler Schedule

Life is unpredictable, but my Toddler’s Schedule at 12 Months is not. In our house, a consistent routine is key to keeping things running smoothly.

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