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Stay Little My Love

posted by nicole
stay little

When I think of your future, there is so much I want for you in life, and I promise to give you the world when it’s time. There’s just one thing I ask for in return. It’s a selfish request, I admit it, but here it is…

Stay Little.

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5 Cheap Thrills of a Toddler Mom

posted by nicole
parenting laughs

Don’t get me wrong, boring my life is not. Here are 5 Cheap Thrills that get this Toddler Mom’s heart racing a bit faster than usual…

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Welcome to the World Sweet Baby Boy!

posted by nicole
welcome baby boy

Move over Princesses, it’s time for Trucks, Trains, and Planes! On September 7th, we welcomed our son into the world.

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The Mama Bear Instinct

posted by nicole
Protecting your child

My Mama Bear Instinct is a protective instinct that kicked in the moment I became a mom. Sometimes I forget it’s there, but when it comes to a time when my daughter needs protecting don’t mess with this Mama Bear.

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Toddler Schedule at 12 Months

posted by nicole
12 Month Old Toddler Schedule

Life is unpredictable, but my Toddler’s Schedule at 12 Months is not. In our house, a consistent routine is key to keeping things running smoothly.

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Surviving the First Year as Parents

posted by nicole
Parenting Tips

Surviving the First Year of Parenthood is no easy feat. Here are 5 reasons why I think my hubby and I made it to year number two.

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