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Postpartum Anxiety Dreams

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anxiety dreams

Lately, I’ve had some extremely unsettling postpartum anxiety dreams. What could be causing these vivid nightmares? I have a few ideas…

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BYOB Painting Class at Art Plus Studio in South Norwalk, CT

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wine and painting

This weekend I went to a BYOB painting class and it was a blast. I had a chance to channel my inner artist, have a good laugh with friends, and create a Bamboo masterpiece!

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Imagine That!!! Children’s Museum Florham Park, NJ

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Imagine That Florham Park

We recently visited Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum in Florham Park. Our toddler had a blast exploring each of the interesting hands-on exhibits. It was a great way to expend that never-ending toddler energy in a safe, fun, educational environment!

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Toddler Teething: Signs and Symptoms of the First Molars

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First Year Molars

My toddler’s first molars just broke through her gums, and I feel like celebrating. The last three months were filled with molar mayhem! Here are the 5 major signs and symptoms my toddler experienced as she prepared to get her first molars.

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Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ

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Best Zoos in NJ

We celebrated Father’s Day with a family trip to the Turtle Back Zoo! With over 15 kid-friendly exhibits, it was easy to tell why this zoo was voted #1 in NJ.

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Five Things on My Spring “To Do” List

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Things to do this spring

There are 11 days until the official start of summer! And there are 5 things on my Spring “To Do” List that still need accomplishing! The race is on.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014

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Gifts for Dad

My husband survived his first year as a new Dad, so I want this Father’s Day to be an extra special celebration . Here is a list of 10 Father’s Day gift ideas I have in mind.

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Historic Chester, New Jersey

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Visit Chester NJ

Chester, New Jersey is a small, historic town with a small, but bustling Main Street filled with specialty shops, antique stores, and restaurants. We recently visited the Spring Chester Craft Show and enjoyed some homemade ice cream while strolling through town and window shopping.

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Period of PURPLE Crying: Understanding Infant Crying

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Infant Crying

When my infant daughter would cry for hours each night, I felt myself unraveling and had no answers. Now I know it was a Period of PURPLE Crying, a perfectly normal part of development.

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Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair, NJ

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Iris Gardens Montclair

We recently enjoyed a lovely spring day among the beautiful, blooming irises at the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens.

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