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Jenkinsons Aquarium & Boardwalk in Point Pleasant NJ

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Best aquariums for kids NJ

We recently took a wonderful day trip with our toddler to Jenkinsons Aquarium & Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ.

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Roasted Red Pepper, Eggplant, & Mozzarella Sandwich Recipe

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easy dinner ideas

There are many combinations of red pepper, eggplant, and mozzarella out there, but here’s how I create my own mouth-watering roasted red pepper, eggplant, and mozzarella sandwiches. It’s one of my favorite go-to dishes.

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The New Jersey Children’s Museum in Paramus, NJ

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The New Jersey Children's Museum

We recently spent the day at The NJ Children’s Museum is Paramus, NJ. It’s a great place to keep active toddlers and preschoolers busy and using their imaginations.

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Coxsackie Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease: Signs, Symptoms, Survival

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Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease

The week my daughter battled Coxsackie Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease is a week I want to forget and a week I’m glad she’s too young to remember.

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DIY Hair Bow Holder in 3 Simple Steps

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DIY Hair Bow Holder

Tired of finding hair clips and bows strewn all over the house, I tapped into my creative side and made this adorable DIY Hair Bow Holder in 3 Simple Steps! It’s cute, functional, inexpensive, and also makes a great gift or kid’s craft.

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Baby to Toddler Toys: 5 Little Toys with Lasting Entertainment

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Favorite toys for babies

I’m happy to say that there are a few toys that have transitioned with my daughter from the infant stage to the toddler stage. Here are 5 favorite little toys with lasting entertainment.

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