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DIY Hair Bow Holder in 3 Simple Steps

posted by nicole
DIY Hair Bow Holder

Tired of finding hair clips and bows strewn all over the house, I tapped into my creative side and made this adorable DIY Hair Bow Holder in 3 Simple Steps! It’s cute, functional, inexpensive, and also makes a great gift or kid’s craft.

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DIY Baby Headband to Kids Hair Clip in 10 Simple Steps

posted by nicole
Arts and Crafts for kids

In 10 simple steps, I transformed my daughter’s newborn headbands to kids’ hair clips. This easy DIY gave my daughter’s infant accessories a second life.

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Imagine That!!! Children’s Museum Florham Park, NJ

posted by nicole
Imagine That Florham Park

We recently visited Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum in Florham Park. Our toddler had a blast exploring each of the interesting hands-on exhibits. It was a great way to expend that never-ending toddler energy in a safe, fun, educational environment!

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