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Period of PURPLE Crying: Understanding Infant Crying

posted by nicole
Infant Crying

When my infant daughter would cry for hours each night, I felt myself unraveling and had no answers. Now I know it was a Period of PURPLE Crying, a perfectly normal part of development.

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Gift Ideas for a New Mom

posted by nicole

In addition to the love and support given to me as a new mom, I also received some incredible gifts! Here are a few of my favorite Gifts for a New Mom.

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Toddler Schedule at 12 Months

posted by nicole
12 Month Old Toddler Schedule

Life is unpredictable, but my Toddler’s Schedule at 12 Months is not. In our house, a consistent routine is key to keeping things running smoothly.

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Surviving the First Year as Parents

posted by nicole
Parenting Tips

Surviving the First Year of Parenthood is no easy feat. Here are 5 reasons why I think my hubby and I made it to year number two.

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