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Getting a Mammogram: This Mama’s First Mammo

posted by nicole
What to expect on my first mammogram

This Mama just had her first mammogram. What was it like? Did it hurt? With October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I’d share my personal experience.

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Buying Maternity Clothes: My Three Gripes

posted by nicole
maternity clothes

Nine months of stretch-waisted pants-now that’s something to cheer about! Other than that…I got nothing. Wow, buying maternity clothes was more difficult than I imagined. Read on to find out my three biggest gripes!

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DIY Hair Bow Holder in 3 Simple Steps

posted by nicole
DIY Hair Bow Holder

Tired of finding hair clips and bows strewn all over the house, I tapped into my creative side and made this adorable DIY Hair Bow Holder in 3 Simple Steps! It’s cute, functional, inexpensive, and also makes a great gift or kid’s craft.

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DIY Baby Headband to Kids Hair Clip in 10 Simple Steps

posted by nicole
Arts and Crafts for kids

In 10 simple steps, I transformed my daughter’s newborn headbands to kids’ hair clips. This easy DIY gave my daughter’s infant accessories a second life.

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Hospital Stay After Delivery: Five Things I Wish I Had Known

posted by nicole
What to expect at the hospital

I knew there was nothing that could fully prepare me for motherhood, but at least I thought I was prepared for my hospital stay. I was wrong. Here are 5 Things I Wish I Had Known about My Post-Delivery Hospital Stay.

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BYOB Cooking Class at Trattoria Bel Paese in Cranford, NJ

posted by nicole
cooking class for beginners union county nj

I recently took a cooking class called, Secrets of Pasta Sauces, at Trattoria Bel Paese in Cranford, NJ. It was a great way to learn some Italian cooking secrets and enjoy a unique and entertaining date night, too.

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Postpartum Anxiety Dreams

posted by nicole
anxiety dreams

Lately, I’ve had some extremely unsettling postpartum anxiety dreams. What could be causing these vivid nightmares? I have a few ideas…

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BYOB Painting Class at Art Plus Studio in South Norwalk, CT

posted by nicole
wine and painting

This weekend I went to a BYOB painting class and it was a blast. I had a chance to channel my inner artist, have a good laugh with friends, and create a Bamboo masterpiece!

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Imagine That!!! Children’s Museum Florham Park, NJ

posted by nicole
Imagine That Florham Park

We recently visited Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum in Florham Park. Our toddler had a blast exploring each of the interesting hands-on exhibits. It was a great way to expend that never-ending toddler energy in a safe, fun, educational environment!

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Five Things on My Spring “To Do” List

posted by nicole
Things to do this spring

There are 11 days until the official start of summer! And there are 5 things on my Spring “To Do” List that still need accomplishing! The race is on.

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